This section takes you through the must-see places of the city – Landmarks so to say.

Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Oval Maidan flanked by the Gothic vista comprising of Rajabai Tower, High Court and University on one side and Art Deco buildings on the other, London style fenced Horniman Circle, the imposing structure of Town Hall, Flora Fountain, Kala Ghoda Art District, The Times of India Building, Churchgate Station, Crawford Market, Marine Drive, Girgaum Chowpatty , Babulnath temple, Haji Ali, Mount Mary Church, and the largest slum - Dharavi easily qualify as the landmarks of the city.

Other Landmarks include Banganga built sometime between 9th and 13th centuries. It is believed the water comes straight from Ganga, some 1000 miles away, brought forth by an arrow shot from the bow of Lord Rama. This tank is the oldest pilgrimage spot in the city. It is surrounded by 15 temples – all dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also an unusual Hindu graveyard near the tank notable as Hindus usually cremate their dead.

Set in the heart of the city is the small village of Khotachiwadi. The quaint houses with latticed windows and narrow winding lanes have a distinct Portuguese influence. It is now a heritage precinct.

While we look at alternate Landmarks one simply cannot ignore the Koli Villages. The Kolis (mainly fisher folk) were the original inhabitants of Mumbai. They retain small tracts of land near the sea from where they carry on their fishing activities. It is interesting to attend their weddings, naming ceremonies and festivals.

And then there is the Mecca for cricket lovers – Shivaji Park. – This seven acre expanse has given India some of the best Indian cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar. This park is always abuzz with aspiring cricketers sweating it out…you never know which brood might just win us the World Cup!

Even Oval Maidan, once a venue for horse and dog show, the maidan is now a ground for dozens of informal cricket matches.

The Police Headquarters, Hutatma Chowk, Gowalia Tank, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Afghan Church, St Andrews, a drive through Bandra’s Bandstand and Carter road, Mills, Malls, Chawls, Mahakali caves, Film City and the Salt Pans at Wadala are other places that call for a visit when in Mumbai.