These are book tours especially designed for voracious readers…who live their characters, breathe the air they do and would like to take a walk down book lane. The Book tours that we have in store for you at present include:

Rediscovering Dharavi by Kalpana Chawla
– we will be taking you through the largest slum in Asia with special references to the communities and localities within the slum mentioned in the book and let you explore the dynamics of the way of life in a slum where on one hand there is hardship and poverty on the other there is enterprise, survival, and non stop activity. The tour is highly recommended as it will take you through the harsh reality of the city.

Maximum City by Suketu Mehta – Mumbai is maximum city indeed. We take you past Dariya Mahal, , the Borkar wada pao wala, sherbets at sikkanagar, Radha Bai Chawl in Jogeshwari, Bandra, Rashid Irani’s Brabourne restaurant, the dying breed of letter writers at General Post Office and many other places mentioned in the book. We recommend Babbanji Bihari’s Bombay tour – as here we will walk the route of a typical Bihari migrant in the city who has come to make something of himself and as in the story eventually returns with tales of his adventure in maximum city. You would have had your very own.

Other Book tours: (in the offing)

Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts

Ravan and Eddie – Kiran Nagarkar

Moor’s last sigh – Salman Rushdie

Bombay Meri Jaan – Naresh Fernandes and Jerry Pinto

Wheeler – you will find an A.H.Wheeler store at every station in the city. From Classics to love stories, newspapers, magazines, comics and books in English and regional languages, it's all there.The reading culture it has instilled among traveling Indians is beyond praise.

Apart from high end book stores like Landmark, Oxford and Crossword there are street side book stores behind Mumbai Univeristy that one must explore…its fascinating to rummage books and looking for titles in piles and piles of books…and of course the bargains that you can get. Strand Book Store is a must visit. Book lovers swear by this place.

If you are not too fussy about the scent of a new, crisp pages of a book - we can arrange some second hand titles for you…