We go off the beaten track in this section…and here is a list of things we have to offer. Things that make your Mumbai experience complete – just give in to the city see how it takes you in its fold.

Bollywood Experience – Bombay is the seat of Hindi film Industry.Watching a Hindi film is the easiest way to get under the skin of a local bombaywalla and truly experience what it is like to be an Indian, where actors experience a demi god status. If you are interested, we can even take you on one of the film sets to watch a shoot. There is after all, no business like show business.

Indian Wedding – ‘Look down, don’t smile, Indian brides don’t smile…you will ruin the bloody video’ – you heard it loud and clear in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend it Like Beckham wedding sequence. Now, attend great Indian wedding for a first hand experience.

The Traffic Signal Phenomenon
– At a traffic signal? Step out. We will take you through something that is inherent just in Mumbai – the traffic signal phenomenon. So you will see people, eating, drinking, sleeping, studying and even selling various things ranging from vegetables to books to sunshades to Mid-day…you just have to experience this.
Auto & Train ride – Definitely not for the faint hearted. Auto’s only run in the suburbs, most of them have bright interiors and a music system that blares popular Hindi numbers and you will have to request them to lower the volume. Trains are something else – if not a ride, you must visit the station and see how people in the city commute. You will come out saying ‘hats off to Mumbaikars’

Railway station Bazaars
–Everything is available in these markets spread outside each station making it easier for the commuter’s to pick up both essentials and non essentials on their way home. While Andheri station is popular for women’s s accessories, Dadar is famous for fresh flowers and vegetables, Khar for sindhi specialities and Masjid Bunder for fishing supplies. At Santacruz station you can get everything right from a pin to a piano.

Night life – there is no dearth of pubs, lounges, and discos in Mumbai. Some play rock, other hip-hop or lounge or progressive house or beat and hindi-filmi music. You have a range to choose from. All you need to do is tell us what you would prefer – a quiet evening with some drinks and soft music or dance the night away...

Want to catch a play that is running in the city, pay a visit to the salt pans, get a funky haircut or a tattoo, go water skiing, kayaking or speed boating, plan a day trip outside the city, paraglide, indulge in a spa, apply mehendi ( or henna) on your palms, have a cooking session to learn some basic desi ( Indian) dishes, take a bus ride? Or do you have something beyond all this in mind?We will toss it up for you! Looking forward to hear from you. Ciao.