Two roads ...into a path… I took the one less traveled by…And that has made all the difference.”

Only if you say so …Robert, only if you say so…

Sometimes one finds the most extraordinary things in the most traveled paths considering all paths in Mumbai are well travelled! But there is something that makes the city tick and if you want to experience the pulse of the city…this is the right place for you to make a start

No need to click your heels any more,

Where else can the tornado take you now?

Wonderfully different. Mumbai is a pot-pourri of sounds, smells and colours– mesmerizing, exotic, and exciting amidst the confusion and the chaos of the city. We aim to open the city to you in all its splendid glory –

Bombay as it was. Mumbai as it is…

We are fun loving, young, easy to talk to, have been part of the Mumbai’s creative/ corporate world (a heady mix, we say), love this city to a fault and are out to give you a great and insightful time exploring the city.

We aim to create a differentiated experience capitalizing on personal service, and the array of activities that Mumbai has to offer - its passions, its feuds, its architecture, its cuisines, its shopping culture, its distinct cultural identity, its urban cosmopolitan nature and its mysteries at your convenience.